Athleticism, intelligence, and partnership.

The Morgan Horse

Versatility and Temperament

Figment Morgans is a small family farm in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Our program focuses primarily on the Morgan sport horse, but we place sport horses of all breeds.

We believe very much in the Morgan breed as a both an athlete and a best friend, and we think you will, too! Their versatility is unmatched and they possess an unbeatable temperament and work ethic. Combine that with their kind nature and sense of humor, and they excel as sport horses, particularly for juniors and adult amateurs.

They are wonderful trail horses one weekend, and can turn around and be competitive in dressage, eventing, or hunter/jumper the next day.

Figment Morgans has horses that travel the country to breed shows, show locally both English and Western, foxhunt, and trail ride. But their friendship, work ethic, and loyalty are perhaps their best qualities. Jimmy (HJA Sundust – above) is without a doubt Jen’s best friend.

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