About Us

Figment Morgans is located in Harpers Ferry, WV, and it certainly came by its name honestly. If you’d asked, it would have been impossible to imagine that this dream would ever come true – yet here we are! Morgans became a serious part of Jen’s life in 1995, when she discovered the breed with Hunters Glen Morgans of Cheshire, CT. Jen concentrated on hunters, and the love and admiration for these horses stuck with her until she purchased HJA Sundust in 2013 as a sport horse – her preference had become dressage, eventing, and jumpers, and it turned out the main ring horse of her junior years still fit her goals as an adult.

Jen & Shawn Valentine

Shawn and Jen started Figment Morgans because they strongly believe that the Morgan horse is one of the most versatile breeds with an unbeatable temperament and work ethic. They possess a kind nature and a sense of humor, and as such make excellent sport horses, particularly for juniors and adult amateurs.  They are wonderful trail horses one weekend, and can turn around and be competitive in dressage, eventing, or hunter/jumper the next day. Figment Morgans has horses that travel the country to breed shows, show locally both english and western, foxhunt, and trail ride.  But their friendship, work ethic, and loyalty are perhaps their best qualities.  Jimmy (HJA Sundust) is without a doubt Jen’s best friend.