Congratulations, Chip!

Many of our Figment Farm friends know Chip well.  He’s such a special horse, and our first rescue (something that is important to us to do when we are able)!  We brought Chip home on June 11, 2020, and when we got him home, we realized how afraid of people he was – he hid at the back of his stall whenever approached.  At some point, a halter had grown into his face.  I don’t want to know if it had been there for years – I suspect it had.

This little buddy, who had ended up at the end of the line until people saw him and posted him on Facebook Morgan groups, had a HUGE personality under all of that caution tape.  Chip has a great sense of humor, and also, suddenly, he began to believe in himself, and slowly started to get his confidence back.  Chip got to the point where we took him to Southern States Morgan to show him in hand, and he won the sport horse geldings on the triangle (over Jimmy!), along with several other fun classes  That trip was hard for him, but a great experience as he learned to travel and still trust in his people.  It will always be one of my favorite memories.

With good reason, Chip has a lot of baggage. We were happy for him to live out his days here.  But I went to FL in February, and met Phil and Bunny at Black Prong Equestrian Village.  They had lost their mare recently, and had a lonely gelding.  When Phil asked if I knew of any horses available, the wheels started spinning.   We are on their way home.  Chip is a great companion…

Phil and Bunny are the sort of people who have a quiet way with horses.  I knew they would be a good place for Chip, who needs an extra minute to consider people.  I also knew they keep their horses for life.  No matter how much you love a horse, there comes a time when you have to consider what is best for them.  We have a dozen horses, from going show horses to babies of all ages.  I love Chip to the moon and back, but as our farm has grown (and we do both work full time as well), Chip was always going to be on the back burner.  He deserved a home where he was a priority – one of two, in this case!  And so I told Phil about him.

Fast forward a couple of COLD months, and we had the joy of hosting Phil, Bunny, and their lovely gelding Stormy, who met Chip and said this can work.  That evening’s wonderful visit made me wish Phil and Bunny weren’t in upstate NY, but make me look forward to my next chance to see them in FL.  In true Mid-Atlantic weather, it snowed the day they arrived, and was 70 the day they left. 

Saying goodbye to Chip was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  But, I think it’s unavoidable to get very attached when the goal is helping a rescue horse get their confidence back.  When we believe in them, their whole being changes….but it’s impossible not to love them along the way. I will always miss my dear friend Chip, but mostly I am so proud that he allowed himself to learn to trust beyond us.

We wish many years of happiness to Phil, Bunny, Chip, and Stormy.  And many thanks to Phil for sending us the great photo of Chip checking out his new home!