Dressage at Devon

New on our schedule this year was Dressage at Devon Breed Division.  It’s important to us to support Morgans at open shows as much as possible, and this was a wonderful opportunity to also show Clara in open divisions as well as in the Morgan IBC division.  After all these years of hearing about Devon, why not take our own horses?

And we are very glad that we did!  Jimmy and Clara both went, and our friend and trainer, Katie Davilli, came along to coach and show Clara.  We also unveiled our gorgeous new stall drapes by Equestrian Specialties, and stall signs by Deco Pony.  We’ve spent a bit of time trying out what we do and don’t like with drapes and stall setups, and we’re thrilled to continue to add to the set now that we’ve got great vendors and designers!

This was a two day show for us, everything in-hand – no under saddle this trip (perhaps Clara in materiale next year!).  Our first day was the Morgan IBC.  Jimmy and Clara both had a nice go on the triangle, with Jimmy earning second place with a 72.77%, and a fourth for Clara (shown by Katie) with a 72.22%.  Jen and Jimmy also had Adult Amateur in-hand, which was a fun experience with a great deal of excellent commentary from the judge to improve how to really give a horse their best trip.  They earned a sixth place with a 76.6% from this cool class – a really inclusive opportunity for amateurs at such a large venue!

It was all Clara and Katie on day two, and they had a nice go in the 2yo Fillies class, earning a 7th with 73.0%.  After showing, clearly it was important to enjoy all of the wonderful vendors at this show – and there were a lot! 

We are looking forward to Devon in 2020 – it was a great experience both in the ring and out!