Summer Dressage Outings

While it may have been disappointing to take the spring off from showing, Figment Farm was back with a great first outing of 2022 at the Loch Moy Summer Dressage festival.  Loch Moy is one of our favorite venues, and we are lucky to be so close.  One of Jen’s goals for 2021 was to qualify Jimmy for USDF Regionals, and while that didn’t work out, it went very well at Loch Moy – the pair qualified in a single weekend for Training Level, competing in Training Level Test 3 on both days, receiving a 63% and a 65%.  

Courage of Mosswood (“Courage”), at Figment Farm on consignment, joined Jimmy, competing with Katie in Intro A for an outstanding score of 71% at his very first horse show.  We’re quite impressed with Courage and his progress!  

Jimmy and Courage were back out at Virginia Dressage Association’s Summer Wind Down at Morven Park.  Both horses had another good outing, with Jimmy and Jen earning another qualifying score for Region 1 Finals with a 64%.  After over a year away from the dressage ring, we were very impress with Jimmy.  Courage also had a great outing at his second show, competing at Intro B.

We are very proud of Jimmy, and how far he has come on his journey to primarily be Jen’s dressage horse.  It took a great deal of time and patience to help him learn to use himself more efficiently and correctly, as well as increase his stamina with a lot of slow miles over the winter and spring of this year.  We believe strongly in our nutritional program to assist in supporting our horses in work, as well as chiropractic maintenance, and of course a fantastic farrier!  It takes a village, and we have a great one!